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Rendering Thanks



Thanksgiving is coming!

We are looking for volunteers and sponsors. $50 dollars buys a table for ten.


1-262-554-5440 to

volunteer, make reservations, and/or sponsor a table.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hi, thanks for checking out our site. This is our fourth year of organizing our annual Thanksgiving Day Feast that's free to all . A day where everyone is Equal!  Rich or poor , young or old, you get the Idea! A day of giving thanks as a community. We've heard so many wonderful stories and seen so many happy faces at our event, It really can bring a tear to one's eyes. We have formed a commitee and are involving many more buisnesses and individuals to help grow this into a day of togetherness as one big family. A great meal of hand carved turkey and all the trimmings served on china plates in a beautiful hall with live entertainment. Please come and join us on this day of giving!!!  A huge thanks to so many people who offered to volunteer and sponsor the event. Please come down and join in on the festivities, have a cup of coffee and dessert, and mingle with our guests! 

For Donations and Reservations: 1-262-554-5440


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Ray Stibeck of Route 20 Outhouse